With votes from GERB – SDS, DPS, “There is such a people” and “Revival”, the Bulgarian Parliament decided to hold a hearing for he Minister of Foreign Affairs Teodora Gencovska as the first item on today’s agenda.

At the request of “There is such a people”, the hearing for Minister Gencovska is held behind closed doors. That is why the media cameras were stopped and the MPs were asked to leave their phones outside the hall.

She is a candidate of Slavi Trifonov’s party and a few months ago she spoke about the double policy of the Prime Minister Kiril Petkov regarding the dispute over Macedonia. In the last days after “There is such a people” left the coalition and started blaming their former partners, the question of Petkov’s behind-the-scenes attempts to lift the veto on the start of Macedonia’s EU accession talks has reopened.