Dutch tourist in Macedonia: I had high body temperature and they cured me with Rakija!

Many have only heard about Macedonia, but they know nothing about it, except that there is a country that has this name..

What are the Macedonians, what are their habits, we know very well, but the world is slowly getting to know us as well

Kobe has a Macedonian origin. His mother is from Macedonia, who married a Dutchman. He is now about 30 years old, and in he has beento Macedonia, at least five times to now. Every coming is a new challenge for him. Every coming he learns something new about Macedonia and the Macedonian people. 

He spent his New Year holidays together with his family in Kumanovo, his mother's hometown. Kumanovo is always the same, whenever he comes there is nothing new and different. Only Skopje is different from the last arrival of 6.7 years ago, he says. 

- Macedonians are funny. Guests every day, kissing three times, and not to mention food, he says. You are all smiling, ready for socializing and for fun. You have time for everything you want, Kobe said. 

Kobe is particularly surprised by a special treatment he received during his visit to Macedonia. The first day he arrived here, he got a temperature. He drank antibiotics, but did not help him. He struggled with the problem until he came to the "best Macedonian remedy", Rakija. "I love Rakija, it is beautiful, but , I did not know that it was healthy," he laughs. 

- First I refused, because I did not believe in such treatment, but the grandparents decided to treat me. What to do, you will give in. At first, the Rakija was warmed on the wood stove. Then they took one cloth and dipped it into the Rakija. Such a wet cloth slammed me on my forehead. I thought that the whole procedure was over here. But, no ... They brought me socks, and my feet were soaked with vinegar, do you believe it? I could not know how much I smelt, whether on Rakija or vinegar. This procedure was repeated several times during the day. And yes, I did not have the temperature the next morning. The brandy cured me, says laughing Kobe. 

Kobe, with every coming in Macedonia, learns something new, but as she says, Rakija, despite having a good taste, is also a good medicine. 

- Everyone should be jealous to the Macedonians. They have the best drinking and the best medicine, tells Kobe.

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