Gruevski: SPO is Golden fish of SDSM

SPO should be independent.

Everyone knows Macedonia has been blocked because Greece has a problem with our constitutional name. 

We are prepared to discuss the solution of this issue, but unfortunately the solution does not depend solely on us. 

Good will is also necessary on the other side, and the other side needs to be aware of our position. 

It is impossible, we will never give up on what we are, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Nikola Gruevski in an interview for the Belgrade-based newspaper Politika.

In the interview, Gruevski stressed that despite Macedonia's strong determination for Euro-Atlantic integration, there still has not been a positive outcome.

When asked to comment the work of the Special Public Prosecutor's Office, Gruevski said that it is an ordered political battle.

"SPO should be independent, but instead is represents a "genie lamp" making Zoran Zaev's wishes come true. 

His greatest and only wish is not having me as an opponent. Based on his orders he is attempting to create cases. 

He has fallen so low, that now he needs to pay legal workers to defend him through media. There are no legal workers that would say that even in some part, their charge is based with evidence. 

SPO had the chance to leave a mark, and clear up all staged affairs, but they chose the easier way along with Zaev, to leave law aside and meddle in politics," Gruevski said.

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