Kutlesh star no longer to be seen in public use

After exactly one month, the Kutlesh star, the symbol of the first flag of independent Macedonia, will no longer be seen in public use, because it will be removed from public places, and all the monuments that point to ancient Hellenic history and civilization will be appropriately marked, in accordance with the Prespa Agreement..

The Government told “Sloboden pecat” that the corrections will be completed within the stipulated time limit, but do not provide details on how the corrections will be made, how will the public use of the Kutlesh star be prevented and everything that is registered as public place and public use.

At the session held on July 4, the Government of the Republic of N. Macedonia tasked the General Secretariat to ask the competent institutions to provide information on the monuments, public and other infrastructure facilities whose names are part of the ancient Hellenic culture and civilization, in whose jurisdiction they relate to installation and maintenance, and who is the copyright holder, in terms of artwork. At the same time, the Government instructed the General Secretariat to ask the competent institutions to provide information where the symbol of the Vergina sun is used or embedded in public places. Corrective actions will be undertaken after the provision of the information, in accordance with the Prespa Agreement and within the stipulated time frame, the government said.

The constitutional changes to change the state name were voted on January 11, entered into force on February 12, and the deadline for renaming the monuments and removing the Kutlesh star expires on August 12.

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