Mark Zuckerberg says his own data was shared with Cambridge Analytica

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has revealed during a second day of sparring with US politicians over privacy concerns that he was among the 87 million users whose data was improperly shared..

The admission that even the tech-savvy Facebook founder was unable to protect his own data underscored the problem Facebook has in persuading sceptical politicians that users can easily safeguard their own information.

"Every time that someone chooses to share something on Facebook … there is a control," he said.

"Right there. Not buried in the settings somewhere but right there."

Yet, when asked if his data had been improperly shared with Cambridge Analytica, he replied: "Yes." He gave no further details.

The 33-year-old internet magnate faced questions and concerns from members of the US House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee, who asked what Facebook was doing to give users more flexibility to opt in to sharing their personal data with the company or third parties.

"How can consumers have control over their data when Facebook does not have control over the data?" asked Congressman Frank Pallone of New Jersey at the beginning of the hearing.

Mr Zuckerberg repeatedly defended the company's privacy practices, saying that users have control over their own data and decide what to share.

Source: ABC News

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