(PHOTO) Girl running away from peacock becomes internet sensation

They're not generally considered particularly terrifying creatures.

They're not generally considered particularly terrifying creatures, but one little girl's horror over a peacock was so real it's turned her into an internet sensation. 

An image of the screaming child tearing along a path while being pursued by a peacock was posted to Imgur by xgovernmentx with the caption: 'Our trip to the petting zoo did not go as planned.'

It was immediately seized upon by Photoshop fans who couldn't resists altering the image to make it even funnier with the additions of characters such as Prince Charles, Usain Bolt and the T. Rex from Jurassic Park. 

The resulting Photoshop battle caused much amusement on Reddit where Chase447 used digital wizardry to place the young girl on the running track with Usain Bolt. 

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