Press release from WMC-Australija World Aegean Macedonian Council and the Macedonian Community Council of Melbourne and Victoria

Press release to the Macedonian public..

The Melbourne Greek community and the Greek government co funded Dimitri Sister cities Festival in Melbourne, are guilty of cultural misappropriation with the unacknowledged and inappropriate adoption of the customs, music and traditional costumes of the Macedonian people.

The festival loosely masks itself as a sister city celebration between Melbourne and Thessaloniki which is named Solun in the Macedonian language and was once the epicenter of Macedonian history, culture and the Macedonian struggle of Ottoman Era revolutionaries
World Macedonian Congress - Australia, World Aegean Macedonian Council and the Macedonian Community Council of Melbourne and Victoria openly condemn the festivals brazen act of attempted cultural genocide.  As a follow up to the maligned, unratified and illegal Prespa agreement, the Greek government is using every opportunity it has to commandeer the word Macedonian in a move reflective of its expansionist agenda and human Rights abuses of the early and mid-20th century.

Melbourne's complicit Greek community leaders have decided that the quickest and easiest way to mislead the Australian public about its historically condemned acts of ethnic cleansing and genocide territorial acquisitions, is to adopt the cultural differences between Greeks and ethnic Macedonians as regional differences or anomalies' in Greek culture completely and utterly offending Australia's Macedonian community in the process.

Unlike cultural exchange, in which there is a mutual interchange of cultures, the cultural misappropriation is part of a deeper power play 'dynamic in which the dominant Greek community are now claiming ownership of the Macedonian culture. Macedonians are a minority in Greece who have suffered human rights abuses as well as being systematically and historically oppressed by the Greek Government.

Moreover, the government in Athens and their subservient Greek community leaders here in Australia have managed to do it in a way that members of the Macedonian community find highly desirable and completely offensive. Traditional Macedonian songs are being song with lyrics translated into Greek traditional regional Macedonian dances formally dismissed as expressions of Slavic culture' are being re-branded as Greek and formerly Slavic music is being played over the top of Greek dances.

This bastardised version of Macedonian heritage is being served up to uninformed local Greeks and the Australian public at the hands of the Athenian government for political gains rather than as an expression or understanding of true Macedonian culture. Australia's Macedonian community in the pretense staggering and the back-flip from the Greek community about that for everything formerly 'Slavic' as they chose to term it, blatantly transparent and offensive.

The term Slavic has been traditionally used as an offensive reference describing non Greek culture by the Greek government in an attempt to differentiate between the Macedonian peoples' culture from the Republic of Macedonia and that of Macedonians who originate from the region of Macedonia occupied by Greece. The term is highly offensive to Macedonians because of its divisive connotations and historical inaccuracies.


World Macedonian Congress - Australia, World Aegean Macedonian Council and the Macedonian Community Council of Melbourne and Victoria call on the Australian Greek community to reflect the Macedonian cultural misappropriation. Not only in the interest of the cessation of future politically based community tensions in the Australian Landscape, but to also has the dilution of whatever cultural model the Greek community have constructed for themselves in Australia op to this point.

We demand that Greek community leaders cease the constant Blatant discrimination towards the Macedonian people and respect the Human Rights of Macedonians as a sovereign and Independent people in the interest of a harmonious coexistence in Multicultural Australia.

We demand that Australian politicians and Victoria's Multicultural Commission respect the sensitivities of the Macedonian community surrounding this issue and support the Macedonian community in the face of ever increasing and rampant disrespect from influential figures in Australia's Greek community.

We demand that Australian politicians and Victoria's Multicultural Commission support the Macedonian community's cultural festivals and gatherings in order to help celebrate Australia's diversity without fear or favor, to help dispel the fear of ongoing racial discrimination felt by the Macedonian community at the hands of perceived ignorance of political opportunism and expediency.

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