(VIDEO) 5-years old girl guides her blind father to work everyday

A heart-warming video.

A heart-warming video of a five-year-old girl guiding her blind father to work has gone viral.

The girl’s father Nelson Pepe, also known as ‘Dodong’, works on a coconut farm in the Philippines for around $9 a day.

His young daughter Jenny happily helps him walk to work every day by guiding him with a stick, ABS-CBN reported.

Mr Pepe is paid about 300 pesos (AU$9) a day for climbing up to 60 coconut trees on the farm.

The video was captured by Rhuby Capunes and uploaded to her Facebook page on June 10. It has since had over 2 million views.

The footage shows Jenny holding one end of a long stick as her father holds the other.

She uses the stick as a guide, walking barefoot through the farm in a dress.

The pair stop for a break and Jenny hands her father a drink of water before he starts work. 

After the video gained international attention the ABS-CBN Foundation visited Mr Pepe and Jenny in the Philippines.

The foundation hopes to relocate the family to a safer environment.

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