(VIDEO) Physical and verbal conflict between the Macedonians and Greeks at the Melbourne protests today

The porvocations at the Greek rally in Melbourne's CBD today led to a physical conflict between the Macedonians and the Greeks..

Today in Melbourne a peaceful protest was held under the motto "No to the sale of the name Macedonia and Macedonia will always be Greek" organized by a Greek organization in Melbourne.

There were about 2,000 members of the Greek community protesting supported by the Serbian community.

Although the organizers announced peaceful protests, the opposite happened after a group of Macedonians who were on coffee in one of the cafes near the Greek Consulate were attacked by a crowd of greek protesters.

Several Macedonians who were wearing Macedonian national symbols were not afraid at all, and at that moment they started a verbal and a physical attack, which led to a police intervention, who had to use pepper spray to stop the fight,

A great disappointment is the fact that in 2018 there still are people who behave violently, uncivilized and strive through violence to achieve their effect of imposing hate. The media was constantly being attacked by the protesters and they did not allow us to record that event in order to avoid an objective public information.

Despite the poor working conditions, however, we present this video to see the truth.

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