(VIDEO) RISTEVSKI MURDER: The brother-in-law of Karen Ristevski has been connected to a property near where items were found

THE brother-in-law of murdered Melbourne woman Karen Ristevski is connected to a property near where items were found in the search for her body..

The Herald Sun can reveal Vasko Ristevski owned a racehorse whose former trainer’s stud is at Toolern Vale — on the road targeted by detectives and sniffer dogs during the investigation.

It’s the first time the Ristevski family has been linked to the region where the mother was found dead.

The Herald Sun can also confirm that tracking devices were fitted by police to two vehicles used by Mr Ristevski in the months after his wife disappeared.

But one device was either removed, or fell off the vehicle, sources familiar with the investigation have said.

Vasko Ristevski, the older brother of Borce Ristevski, part-owned Faltastic, a gelding trained by Mark Kavanagh before its retirement.

A witness had told police they saw Vasko Ristevski at a nearby abandoned restaurant around the time of the disappearance of the Avondale Heights mother.

Macedon resident Dean told police that in the days after Ms Ristevski disappeared, he saw two strange men matching the description of Borce and Vasko Ristevksi bogged in a small white truck on Salisbury Rd — about 200m from where the body was found.

“From their appearance I knew they were from Serbia, Macedonia, the Balkans. They certainly had an accent,” Dean said.

“I thought it was rather strange ... you’d go down there in a 4WD, you wouldn’t go down there in a car and you certainly wouldn’t go down in a truck.

“I had a conversation with one of them..(he) had that half-shaved, goatee sort of look.”

Dean said he spent “sleepless nights” wondering if it was connected to the Ristevski case and phoned Crime Stoppers on August 27.

“I was absolutely convinced that what I saw was unusual and could be related to Karen Ristevski,” he said.


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